Bold is the New fashion.

I was thinking about how chemotherapy weakens the body and dries out the skin on top of the progressive fall of hair that we’re all familiar with.   What most of us ignore is that to overcome these difficulties and to remain strong, we have to take care of ourselves; and I promise it will cheer us up.  In the beginning my mom was really concerned about her hair; but it  didn’t last long as she started to rock this bold style of hers pretty quickly.  Yes! she was the most sassy woman I have ever known❣.  Suddenly I thought about writing something that could help people embrace their new look and make the best out of it.


Staying and feeling beautiful despite of all the effects of the treatment is a thing within the reach of all us.  A simple make-up can erase all the effects of fatigue and boost our confidence at the same time.  The brightness of our femininity can be restored by retouching a little bit of our face.  Make-up is the 🔑



Eyebrows can be  thinned out, a pencil drawing is enough.  I remember that my mom was using a pencil with the same color of her hair or wig.  It was even a more clear tone.   It’s really very traumatizing not having eyebrows.

 How to redraw them? 
– Powder your eyebrows before redrawing them.

– Draw them finely with an eyebrow pencil and BAM!!! Eyebrows on Fleek.


Fingernails and feet are often weakened because of the chemotherapy.  They are the easiest part to do.  You just feed them with an oil for nails and cuticles .


When you lose hair, you are very depressed, especially when other people’s opinion matter.  I think hair loss could be very badly lived by every woman .

But the good thing are :

  •   The wig : We can choose something similar to our hairstyle.  I would choose a wig before the total fall of my hair.  This way I would still be self-assured.
  • Turbans and scarfs: I hope you know that turbans and scarfs are back in fashion, and recently became again very trendy.  Furthermore, there are dozens of manners to wear them.   Make your turban or your scarf your accessory of style, make it match with your clothes, braid it and (Idk how to do that but I think it’s possible😊), personalize it.


  •   Last but not least  Go Bold and Rock.
go bold