It’s been a minute loves💕.

Back better than ever; jk. I just lack consistency. Loleu. Jokes aside let’s talk about big things eh? (The Canadian cool “eh” thing). How about I share with you the most powerful experience I have come across on my journey to self-growth… The knowledge of mental health. Coming from Eastern Africa or just Africa I should say, there is this one de-stigmatized topic, ❗Mental Health❗.

One lesson I wish I could have learned a while back,I wish that WE as Africans were taught more about mental health as a whole, growing up.  I mean… how weird is it to see someone talking to themselves? How annoying is it to see someone pacing all the time? How judgmental do we get when we see someone who gets irritated real quick for no reason? Or someone who is just angry and isolated?

I am sure we would not feel this weird If we would have had the opportunity to learn about schizophrenia, anxiety, depression and all the disorders that just come when the chemicals in our body tip their balance.

I had to teach myself about these things that I am now passionate about.  I had to look for all the signs, the whys and the hows.  I had to teach myself to dive in the most de-stigmatized topic around me. I am still learning and still trying to understand mental health; but here is some of the lessons I have learned through it all•••

IMG-5545 copy

It is ok not to be ok: First things first, understand your emotions.  We were taught to toughen up.  We were taught that being strong doesn’t mean not to cry or push away what you’re feeling. There are no inappropriate feelings. Understand yourself and why you might be feeling crappy.

😊Self Compassion: I mean, how come no one ever taught me that I can be kind to myself? Pause- ask have you ever told yourself this👉🏻 this shall pass little heart, everything is going to be okay.   Have you ever sat down with yourself and be like; you are not defined by any life event. You are a spark of divine💛. Long story short, you deserve love and support from yourself! Talk to yourself like you talk to the closest person to your heart.

💕Negative Energy: Love yourself enough to know your worth. Love yourself to say no to negative people. Love yourself to surround yourself with people who validate you and your feelings. Outgrow anyone who doesn’t help you evolve.

🔓Denial is a No No: I personally been there and done that!! Face your demons, I mean this is the deeper level. Get to know yourself to know what it is you feeling. Believe me, denial will only make them catch up to you later. You have to rip the band aid right away loves.

❤️Compassion for others: if you ever get to depression, you understand one thing, there is beyond what the eyes can see. Depression challenges you in ways you have never been challenged before. And believe me it’s not a fun ride but you gain some level of compassion for others. You love deeply.

📝Therapy: I mean having a one-way street relationship is not ideal; but you will enjoy this bestfriend (that’s what I call mine anyway loleuu) but seriously seek professional help.  I don’t know who started de-stigmatizing therapy but it’s a must try!!

Alright Loves ,  I hope you enjoyed the little steps that lead to the big steps. If there is anything that worked for you and you want me to try…

Please share it with me.

5 thoughts on “Things I know now that I wish I knew then!

  1. Therapy is a must Try!!!
    I loved that, most of us who grew up in church we dont value professional therapy but we miss out a lot on a yet great resource available

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